1/8 Inch Broco Easy Touch Underwater Welding Rods: 95 Rods | Mild Steel | UW/EZ-1

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  • UW-EZ-1 Easy Touch Welding Rod
  • Quality Underwater Welding Electrodes
  • Used for the Economy Market
  • Size: 1/8 in. x 14 in
  • Comes with 95 Rods in a Pack

1/8 Inch Broco Easy Touch Underwater Welding Rods (Mild Steel) Description

For many non-structural repairs the resultant underwater weld is allowed more leeway in terms of porosity, inclusions, integrity and appearance. To fill the void between to-code work and economy, Broco applied its significant experience and knowledge in underwater welding to design a quality electrode specifically for the economy market.

The result is Broco's UW-EZ-1 Easy Touch Underwater Welding Rods, a moderately priced underwater welding electrode yielding excellent results. Broco's UW-EZ-1 Easy Touch Underwater Welding Rods is easy for the commercial diver to light, easy to run (a controllable puddle with rippled bead appearance) and easy to clean. Like Broco's SofTouch Underwater Welding Rod, the UW-EZ-1 Easy Touch Underwater Welding Rods is a high deposition all-position electrode.

Broco's UW-EZ-1 Easy Touch Underwater Welding Rods offers users advantages over other economy priced underwater welding rods that are more difficult to run, harder to clean, and often need to be grounded and rewelded - all adding to the commercial diver's bottom time and increased operating costs.